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The Challenge

A strong identity

Because she asserts her personality, Lindsey Stirling stands out among artists.

Always in the dynamics of the first UI challenges, I highlight the collaboration of the violinist with the illustrator Juha Ekman for a new bewitching album.

UI Challenge, Illustration, Design




Sensitive and captivating

Original Image Original
Modified Image Modified

Each Album is the object of a specific merchandising, it is then natural to review the visual communication for each tour of the artist. Through an event box, dedicated to ticket reservations, I prioritize and format key information to create an elegant and intuitive design.


If for the Brave Enought album I follow the official website, I take more freedom for the Artemis album, while reusing its color codes.

The concept

The final ui challenge

Charachter illustration

use of photoshop


remake of the official typography